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Snowtide has arrived

by on November 27, 2014

What is Snowtide? You may well ask that question. Well for those in the know and that now includes you because your reading this, its a festive addition to the really rather great oddball Aeronauts 2 Kickstarter that is running right this moment.

Once a year as the wind chill gets a bit bitey and white stuff drops with the regularity of a Fantasy Flight expansion all the oddball Realms come out in celebration of this festive time. Up to now we have only been able to look up with curious puzzlement but this year you can get in on the festive fun and see what all the fuss is.

If your already a backer you’ll now going to get these new event cards so you two can get in on the steam powered aeronautical shenanigans. How about the Snowfather and his mirthful loyal snowhounds or exploring the dangerous peaks of the IceMordBergs were perilous encounters await.

pic2319183_lgpic2319182_lgSnowtide is a small mini expansion for odball Aeronauts 2 that you can nab for less than the price of a festive posing pouch now that’s a slap you in the face sort of bargain you can’t decline. But you can’t dally, the oddballs need your help, to get all these snowy goodies the oddball 2 kickstarter needs to fund, or it’ll be gone like the first snows during a tropical heatwave, and then you’ll be left wondering what could have been, and a bit damp in a puddle.

There are 8 days of Snowtide left, c’mon show some spirit and take to the skies!

If I was a bit vague there, what I meant was I’ve backed this and really want it so go and be a stand up sort of chap and help out here, I will sulk if this doesn’t happen. And we are talking giant toddler levels of sulk with jutting lower lips and door slamming, it won’t be pretty.

oddball Aeronauts 2:Double Trouble

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