Gladiatores Blood for Roses

by Mike Bon August 18, 2018
We get down and dirty with Gladiatores the new arena combat card game from Bad Cat Games coming soon to Kickstarter. Gladiatores @ Bad Cat Games


by Adam Won September 14, 2016
Sometimes you stumble upon a little gem by accident or by fortune.  In the case of GOSU, I stumbled across it because someone at The Works stuffed up royally.  I won’t go into too many details (it involved someone buying a large number of copies without checking the language it was printed in), but I […]

Sentinels Of The Multiverse

by Mike Bon July 3, 2014
I love comic books and have been avidly collecting them since the 1980’s, I even worked/hung around in a good friends store for several years (worked is a very loose approximation of what took place). So yes I’m an unashamed huge comic book geek they are in my blood, if you were to cut me […]

Moby Dick or, The Card Game.

by Mike Bon July 3, 2014
  Moby Dick the novel of whaling by Herman Melville has always been something of peculiar interest to me, the book is a strange beast rather like its title character. With its large digressions into the minute of whaling and a barrel full of subtext  it’s not for everyone and for many its a baffling […]