Ray’s Short Review Avalanche

by Ray Shinjukuon June 13, 2019
Ray returns with an avalanche of mini reviews following his love affair with giant robots and emotional turmoil. 2/2 Author: Koboldtime Above all else, I like how 2/2 updates the letter-writing RPG to a futuristic setting; it is themed around how two people, soldiers on opposing armies who once fought together, are still able to […]

Laser Beams Like So Many Stars – Play Report

by Ray Shinjukuon April 15, 2019
Diary of a Student, Lunar Colony War of 2243 Entry 1 – Heroes of the War; 14th June 2243 Today the Colonial Fleet reinforced this Island. They fear war is coming. The news shows ships assembling around Earth’s space elevators and there are rumours the people living in the Asteroid Belt are starving. Today I […]

Laser Beams Like So Many Stars

by Ray Shinjukuon April 15, 2019
The first game from the Emotional Mech Jam up for review of the selection I have downloaded is Laser Beams Like So Many Stars, by Taylor Smith (@whimsymachine). In the game’s own words, its premise is as follows: “You are a huge fan of mechs and their amazing pilots. You love to watch their heroics […]

The Emotional Mecha Jam

by Ray Shinjukuon March 18, 2019
The Emotional Mecha Jam is a 2019 independent RPG anthology claimed, in its own words, to want to emphasize “the strong emotions that drive the pilots and the drama that entangles them”, themes central to the inspirations for tabletop games based on giant robot stories but lacking, arguably, from the key RPGs available. It is […]