Essential Links


OK, so below are some links that I think you can do much worse than keeping in your bookmarks.

Some of these are review sites and others just great places to research your next purchase, these guys are here because they’ve never steered me wrong. And if you stumble over some of your own don’t be shy, share the knowledge and i’ll add them to the list.


The Dice Tower


The first stop for many new travelers to this world of ours. Hosted and run by Tom Vasel this site is overflowing with information. There’s a huge catalog of reviews covering everything and I mean everything. There is also his own podcast and links in The Dice Tower network to a bunch of other great sites and podcast’s. This can be an invaluable resource but I’d compare views on here with other reviewers before making a hard and fast decision to buy items as Tom has on occasion been known to be wrong.


Board Game Geek

The Board Game Geek

Its been running for over ten years and is the go to place for anyone serious about board games on the internet. If you want to know anything about a game its going to be here. There are plenty of active forums and a host of numerous guilds which refreshingly remain sparsely populated by any passing trolls (ironic considering the subject). Get over here and sign yourself up. And don’t be a stranger, come and say hi. This is ME.

Board Game Links

A site dedicated to giving you links to the best publishers, online stores and board gaming websites available on the web. Its grown into an invaluable resource since its inception and is well worth dropping by to see what they have. And if you’re passing give us a vote.

taxiWatch It Played

Rodney presents hugely useful videos on playing through many of the top games, if you’re looking for a rules shortcut and a great place to learn how to play a game then this is the best place to start.

boardgame hour

Board Game Hour

A weekly Twitter meetup of board game fans and movers and shakers from the industry. And invaluable place to meet up and share the love. Every Monday at 7pm (GMT)


cafesBoard Game Cupboard’s Definitive Guide to Board Game Cafes

Yep! What the title say’s Will over at the cupboard has put together the definitive guide to finding a local gaming cafe over here in the UK, pop on by and see who’s near you. Will’s also filling the cupboard with reviews and fresh new takes on classic board games, so take a look you might just have a hidden gem at the back of your cupboard.



Hosted by Wil Wheaton and part of the Geek & Sundry network. One for those new to the hobby rather than hardcore board gamer’s, but its still a great show and gives you a good idea of the fun to be had around a table. Well worth a check as most of the games featured are worth your time and money.


Into your CCG’s this is focused on Magic The Gathering the grand old daddy of collectible card games. This is really fun, it’s like watching a poker tournament but with Magic. If you’ve never played or don’t think its for you, give it a shot the host is great and its very infectious. Great viewing.



UK Gaming Media Network

Live in the UK and what to know whats going on locally to you – you can do a lot worse than check out these guys. They gather feeds from some of the most active UK games blogs (including your’s truly) and offer a bunch of other very useful links, including all the best UK retailers to get your games from.

UK Gaming Groups

Hosted on Board Game Geek – a list of active board game groups across the UK. Don’t be scared of just rolling up to these things. Check out the Guild forums for them and see when they meet and then take the dive. This is a fun sociable hobby and I’ve yet to meet an anti-social miserable gamer, the whole reason we do this precludes this possibility.*

*(War gamer’s – an exception to this rule, upon meeting one for the first time make no sudden movements.)