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Cards Against Humanity is Shit, Here are Better Alternatives

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon January 2, 2016
This article was originally published back in January 2016. Depressingly much remains unchanged CAH is still out there on the high street like a turd that won’t flush. It seemed a suitable time to unearth this piece in light of the prominence Black Lives Matter has reached and it really highlights CAH and how it […]

WDR Mumbo Jumbo January 19th

by Mike Bon January 19, 2023
Frosthaven is here!!  Yes, a mahoosive box of dungeon-delving goodies has turned up. In this episode, we delve into the Frosthaven box with a look at what you do get in this behemoth.   Played is Frostpunk and Dune Imperium and the immortality expansion!  Newsworthy nuggets including the recent dumpster fire over at D&D where […]

WDR Happy New Mumble Jumbo – January 8th

by Mike Bon January 8, 2023
Happy New Year to you all!  In this Rambling installment, Mike looks at some recent plays including the new Clank catacombs. Has a look at what he got for Christmas. And looks forward to this year and if anything might be getting him excited. And he covers the New years day TI4 game if you […]

A Merry Mumbo Jumbo

by Mike Bon December 24, 2022
Twas the night before Christmas and Mike was burning the midnight oil and lots of coffee to get this video mostly edited and uploaded. So enjoy ya filthy animals!   In this festive installment and before we go further don’t get too excited. All the usual nonsense.   Plus a look at all the games […]

Mumble Jumbo Dec 11th

by Mike Bon December 11, 2022
Hey, it’s another video, how very exciting!  We dig into some played games including: Imperial Settlers Everdell Big Box! Video Game Highschool  And all the usual bits including news of flagship models for TI4 from CMON the horror!   There’s some news and all the usual waffle you’ve come to expect.

WDR Mumble Jumbo – November 29th

by Mike Bon November 29, 2022
It’s a new video! In short, PC blew up and had a nightmare, but we are back!  In this video, I’ll take a look inside the box of Terracota Army from Board & Dice and give you my initial thoughts on it after a couple of plays.  There’s also all the usual stuff, what I’ve […]

WDR MJ October 30th

by Mike Bon October 30, 2022
In this instalment Mike has played – Eclipse, On Mars, Pokemon and My fathers Work. Which was nice.  News is barely newsey as recorded about 4 days ago but you get the point.  And there you have it.

WDR Mumble Jumbo – October 8th

by Mike Bon October 8, 2022
And here we go again. In this episode, Mike played: Spartacus Nemesis – Lockdown Carson City  Gocaine   News and other assorted mumblings.

WDR Mumble Jumbo In August 14th

by Mike Bon August 14, 2022
Hi, hello. So in this episode, Mike gives his impressions of My father’s Work from designer TC Petty. A Gothic Horror worker placement of mad scientists and generational lunacy and an evolving storyline delivered by a companion app.   Also, Twilight Inscription is it any good?   And the normal waffle. Enjoy

WDR Mumble Jumbo 28th June

by Mike Bon June 28, 2022
Allow me to bombard you with a scattering of all sorts of stuff. Think of it as the liquorice allsorts of low-rent board game media.

Star Wars Outer Rim – Unfinshed Buisness Unboxing

by Mike Bon June 16, 2022
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