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Mumble Jumbo Sept 24th

by Mike Bon September 24, 2023
He’s back!   In this episode, we take a gander at a few bits we’ve played including  The War of the Ring Card Game and take a peek at what’s in the Freelancers from Plaid Hat Games box.   Chew through a heap of news including CMON working on a 3rd edition of Study In […]

Patreon Supporters Update

by Mike Bon September 16, 2023
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Board Game Mumbo Jumbo Sept 9th

by Mike Bon September 9, 2023
It’s time to mumble again.   In this enthralling episode, Mike has played –  Some head-to-head play with Robbie in Res Arcana & Tapestry.  Everyone needs a lay down after a first look at Board & Dice’s new city building, tile laying, comb-generating brain twister Barcelona.  And Mike froths about his current obsession Scout!   […]

After Us Review

by Mike Bon September 9, 2023
Mike reviews the game of post-apocalyptic monkey tribe engine-building

WDR Mumble Jumbo – August 28th

by Mike Bon August 28, 2023
Back from his joyful camping trip, Mike reinvigorated has moved the camera. Played we look briefly at Frosthaven a cataclysmic Thunder Road game and a new small card game Obsession Scout. (as usual late to the party).  News and baiting of a click.  And a rundown of a bunch of stuff that Mike has been […]

WDR Mumble Jumbo – August 5th

by Mike Bon August 9, 2023
I’m back with a bundle of mumble, in this adventure we get really really heavy with Weather Machine the grand heavyweight of doing stuff to make more stuff and get some points!   Among this plethora of bits I look at: Scythe Expeditions – A second glance at the new Scythe sequel. Weather Machine – […]

WDR Mumble Jumbo – July 4th

by Mike Bon July 4, 2023
Hey, well after a bit of a delay and some technical issues. I’m back with some of the stuff that is going on.  We’ve played some Thunder Road in a game of lots of random but fantastic apocalyptic vehicular mayhem! We ascended our Star Trek in ST: Ascendancy.  All the latest news fit to print. […]

WDR UK Games EXPO 2023 Epic Debrief

by Mike Bon June 18, 2023
It’s only a new video. So apologies for the delay but I was floored by the worst con-crud ever and have been barely functioning, hence the delay.   So here is my experience of this year’s show, what I saw, what I played and anything I brought back.  It’s a long one as I’ve assembled […]

WDR Baiting The Click – Quackageddon

by Mike Bon May 26, 2023
And so it came to pass the end of all things Quackageddon! Mike gives his take on the most recent Quackalope drama.

WDR UK Games EXPO Preview Video

by Mike Bon May 26, 2023
And as we find ourselves days away from this year’s UK Games EXPO Mike presents his preview of the show.   Expect part after everyone shouts at him for all the stuff he missed from this episode.