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Root RPG Preview

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon September 25, 2019
Root RPG Preview The cats crept through the woods, pulling their robes close. If anyone saw them, they could easily be mistaken for missionaries. The supplied they carried would help rebuild Clutcher’s Creek’s forge and reinforce the Marquis de Cat’s stronghold. A bush rustled and two of the cats went for their swords. The captain […]

Brexit: The Real Deal Kickstarter Preview

by Mike Bon April 14, 2019
Mike attempts to discover the mystery locked within the puzzle box of confounding that is Brexit. Oh and also preview Brexit The Real Deal now on Kickstarter. Brexit: The Real deal is funding on Kickstarter right here –

Blood Rage returns to Kickstarter

by Mike Bon November 13, 2018
This news  hit late last night at the end of the Project Elite kickstarter, but yes CMON have decided to bring Blood Rage back to Kickstarter in a new digital iteration!! Here’s all the words that they said… Blood Rage Digital will be the next Flash Kickstarter campaign by CMON. Featuring Multiplayer and Solo options, the […]

Stak Bots Purple Expansion

by Mike Bon October 2, 2018
WDR Silver
Stak Bots is something of a family affair, it’s a series that has grown up with my kids it was Ollie my now teenage son’s first board game crush. It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since I first encountered its malevolent little robotic gits at the now-defunct Chi-Con on a cold December morning. […]

Root: A Review of Might and Right

by Glenon September 20, 2018
In Root, subtitled: ‘A game of Might and Right’ each player steps in to the role of a faction of cute (but deadly) forest critters, fighting for ownership of the various clearings in a vast woodland, and like it’s predecessor from Leader Games, Vast: The Crystal Caverns, Root is Asymmetric, meaning that each faction plays […]


by Mike Bon September 4, 2018
WDR Silver
Heh, so this review should have come out before the Microbrew Kickstarter launched, and I totally, completely intended for that to happen. But life has a way of throwing you the occasional curve ball on this occasion that particular detour was the arrival of son No.3. Babies really don’t have any concept of deadlines, sleep […]

Cadavers: World Gone to Hell

by Mike Bon August 27, 2018
Greetings all, I appreciate that things have been a tad quiet around here and that’s mainly due to the expansion of my own personal gaming guild with son no.3 arriving on the scene just a couple of weeks ago. So hang in there and we’ll be back to our usual slipshod release schedule before you […]

Who Dares Rolls 48 – Lifeform interview with designer Mark Chaplin

by Mike Bon April 19, 2018
Oooh look at us putting out another podcast episode in the same month! Recently I had the enormous pleasure of sitting down with designer Mark Chaplin to discuss his board game love letter to Alien and 80’s sci-fi horror films Lifeform. We talk about the many influences that helped shape the game the rather exciting […]

Critters Below back on Kickstarter

by Mike Bon June 8, 2017
Back in March Antler Games the lovely chaps behind the very cool Saltlands launched their second game Critters Below on Kickstarter. They took the hard decision to cancel the project as it wasn’t performing as well as it deserved partly due to a heap of high profile projects hitting at the same time and a […]

Critters Below

by Mike Bon March 7, 2017
Critters Below is the latest from Antler Games those bloody nice chaps who let us play in their post apocalyptic sandbox with Saltlands last year. Well now their back with a game of bunker survival with some not so cute and fluffy friends. You and up to 8 players (with both sets) can take cover […]