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The D12 Challenge

by on January 13, 2015

What is this you may ask. Well its the D12 challenge isn’t it. “So what is it?”

Its the brain child of that gaming Adonis Mr Nate Brett creator of and the driving force behind Board Game Hour (Mondays at 7pm GMT @BoardGameHour).

The challenge is to help 12 new people DISCOVER the modern tabletop gaming hobby in the next 12 months. 

  • Together we will wipe out the question “what, like monopoly?”
  • Together we will help publishers create more games.
  • Together we will play more games
  • Together we will take over the world!

If just one of things is made possible by taking part in this then I’d call that a win for us fans.

If you go on over to Board Game Geek here you can sign up on the geek list he’s created and keep a track of your valuable efforts increasing followers of our hobby.  Spread the word, use the hashtag #D12challenge when tweeting and most of all enjoy introducing more people to our wonderful hobby!

Personally I feel this is a worthwhile and great way to share the cardboard love that is our hobby and i’ll be doing my bit in the coming year, and I think you should as well.

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