WDR Omnibus

by Mike Bon August 4, 2020
So I’m terrible at remembering to share the WDR TV content here. So here is a omnibus of a bunch of the more recent videos in one extravagant posting. Or you could just subscribe to the You Tube channel save all this mucking about.  

WDR TV – Ten comics you should read and would make nifty board games

by Mike Bon August 4, 2020
Here is a list we like lists. So ten comic books that I have enjoyed immensely that I think you’d also do far worse than to read yourself. And to make this in anyway relevant towards Board Games ones that should have a cardboard doppelganger to go along with them. What are your favorite comics? […]

WDR TV – Raging about Blood Rage Digital.

by Mike Bon May 29, 2020
I should be on the way to the EXPO, I should be enjoying my copy of Blood Rage digital. None of this is happening! I am not happy about this!

Ten Board Games That You Have Probably Never Played But Should.

by Mike Bon April 24, 2019
It’s clear that board game media creators have one unified goal in life to make lists about stuff. Not ones to avoid anything to maybe gain some interest we thought we should as well. So here is Mike B’s Ten board games that he thinks you should show some love, if you haven’t already.

Dungeon World: One of The Worst Things I Have Done to my Players in an RPG

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon March 4, 2019
I’ve been running role-playing games over a couple of decades now, through numerous editions of games and the group itself has undergone several Ship of Theseus style changes during this time. I have stories from my first year of role-playing and from this year, but sometimes one just sticks out to you. Sit back, relax, […]

Board Games Greatest Villains

by Mike Bon February 15, 2019
Villains, every hero is only as good as their significantly odious other. Personally, I’ve always rooted for the bad guys. They dress better (usually in black) are always smarter, get all the good lines and without them, things would be very dull. Whether its the sneering malevolent machinations of Hans Gruber in Die Hard proving […]

Edgy Games (oh so edgy)

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon December 17, 2018
For no real reason, here are some edgy role-playing games which may or may not feature vampires I heard the cool kids like their games edgy, and they like them featuring vampires. That’s cool, I grew up with Buffy as a major fandom. I played collectible card games featuring vampires and even role-playing games where […]

The Best Dogs in Board Games

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon November 7, 2018
Dogs are great and personally I miss having a dog, so to celebrate the existence of dogs everywhere, I’ve decided to make a list in no particular order, of the best dogs I’ve encountered in board games. The usual disclaimers apply; this is my list, it only covers games I’ve played where there are dogs […]

Can board games scare you?

by Mike Bon October 31, 2018
Halloween is my favourite time of year it’s like Christmas for us horror nuts. Inevitably the assortment of TV and movies rolled out to honour this grimly fun holiday are as disappointing as a wet fart in a pair of white undercrackers. Yet despite this every October there’s always a tantalising bit of excitement hoping […]

The Joy of Opening a Booster Pack

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon August 29, 2018
I’ve been playing a single-player game called Hostage Negotiator and writing about it on my blog. I’ve had a few delays in playing it and in publishing my thoughts, but I’ve recently got back into it. This is a solo game which I first got into shortly before the Kickstarter for Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave. […]