WDR TV – Vikings, Gladiators and Robinson “Bastard” Crusoe!

by Mike Bon March 8, 2021
Mike’s back with another weekly dose of stuff!  In this episode further admission of his junkie levels of addiction to Valheim. A sidewise glance at the new edition of Spartacus Blood & Sand from Gale Force 9.​  A meander through some Kickstarter picks and the announcement of the Robinson Crusoe collectors Edition from Portal […]

WDR TV – Deduction

by Mike Bon August 14, 2020
Here we go again! We have a look at some games played including Tapestry and Outer Rim. Have a dollop of games news including the new Ashes and Tapestry expansion. Give a cautious glance at Kickstarter and the new Rebellion unplugged release Sniper elite and savor Hitler getting his balls shot off. Get interrupted and… […]

We’re Branching Out!

by Mike Bon July 23, 2020
Howdy, all, Damn it’s been a while since I actually sat down and wrote a post here. Wowzers! So what excitement has brought me out of semi-retirement to furnish you with some of my word-smithery well you may ask. As you may or may not know at the start of the year I started trying […]

Who Dares Rolls TV – The Not the Post EXPO Episode.

by Mike Bon June 10, 2020
Ah yes in an alternate timeline I just got back from the EXPO, ho-hum. Anyhoo lots to cover. Some game News, Portals plans for the rest of the year. Kickstarter news and releases. What I’ve been playing and an exciting new feature.’s Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality is a Treasure Trove of Delights.

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon June 10, 2020
Before I go any further, it should be said that Black Lives Matter. This isn’t a topic up for debate, this isn’t an opinion. Fascism is a garbage ideology no matter whether it’s ironically said in a Cards Against Humanity game or genuinely seen online or in real life. George Floyd, Breanna Taylor and so […]

Board Next Door with The Broken Meeple

by Mike Bon May 23, 2020
Board Next Door is for fun, no malice intended etc etc… I’ve seen a lot of mock interviews or other mildly comedic things done on You Tube recently and you know what I thought. I fancy I could have some fun with that format. So for a change of pace here’s something entirely different, this […]

The Golden Geek Awards 2019 Reaction Video

by Mike Bon May 6, 2020
As promised my unfiltered reaction to the Golden Geek awards 2019. I had no idea what had won and so lets journey together on a voyage of discovery. Here’s the list

Who Dares Rolls TV – Ten Cult Movies that should be a board game

by Mike Bon May 1, 2020
Greetings one and all. Still struggling to find the time to get many games played, yup me too. Time for a quick catch up from the WDR bunker. So the big news is Expo is cancelled so what about the other shows. A bit on my thoughts regarding FFG’s recent flurry of C&D orders aimed […]

AireCon Report

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon April 21, 2020
The world’s a very different place from when I attended AireCon a scant few weeks ago and even then it was all starting to go a bit weird. Boris was talking about herd immunity and Trump was declaring everything fake with each passing day he resembles the Shark denying mayor of Amity more and more. […]

Who Dares Rolls TV – Free Time… Free Stuff!!!

by Mike Bon March 28, 2020
Rolling Realms – Frostgrave – Portal Games – The Noble Artist –