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We’re Branching Out!

by on July 23, 2020

Howdy, all,
Damn it’s been a while since I actually sat down and wrote a post here. Wowzers!
So what excitement has brought me out of semi-retirement to furnish you with some of my word-smithery well you may ask.
As you may or may not know at the start of the year I started trying to build up the audience for our YouTube channel which up until recently had at best what could be described as a haphazard release schedule. Which seemed easy and then I also intended to film reviews because that also seemed easier than writing them and well long story short. It isn’t, it really isn’t it’s about as much work.

So epic preamble aside my work on building the channel which hit 300 subs last week (whoot!) has somehow attracted the attention of other creators etc. So anyway Board Game Trading & Chat a Facebook group with around 18,000 members were looking for a frontman for their new YouTube channel BGTelly so what do you know they picked me??
So tonight was the premiere of the first episode of the monthly show I’ll be doing for them Releases Roundup and I’d hate for you to miss out so you can find it here.

And in celebration of that momentous event, I also put out a new episode on our own Youtube channel.

So there you go plenty to entertain for at least the next half hour, don’t thank me… no really don’t.

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