Tinderblox & Kitten Kickstarter Review

by Mike Bon February 6, 2020
WDR Silver
Mike takes a look at the two new titles from Alley Cat Games Tinderblox & Kittin. Now funding on Kickstarter.  

Sumo Gnomes

by Mike Bon October 23, 2019
WDR Silver
Mike takes a moment to appreciate getting naked in nature and playing a spot of Sumo Gnomes. Sumo Gnomes is a 2 player dice based game of Gnomes well um. Sumoing? It’s great fun and we enjoyed it immensely. Sumo Gnomes from Peculiarity Games is currently on Kickstarter and recently funded . It’s a quick […]

Paper Pinball

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon September 7, 2018
A solo roll and write game by Metal Snail Idea Workshop I like pinball. It’s not my favourite thing in the world, but I’ve a few pinball style games on my Switch and Xbox One which kill time in a fun way for a little while. There’s something quite satisfying about trying to light up […]

Zombie Dice

by Mike Bon July 3, 2014
OK time for something very light. We love dice here and embrace any opportunity to play a game with them, which is lucky really as that’s all Zombie Dice is. In the tube you get 3 sets of different dice. Green, Yellow, Red. Each of the dice have 3 different types of symbol on them, […]