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Who Dares News

by on April 16, 2015

More news I hear you cry, but we have already had some this week! Yes, yes you have but as I’m feeling particular generous with the news at the moment here’s another nugget or two. So stop with the griping already! Jeez.

survivng 4So first up is a little British game that could. Surviving: One Month in is a strategic territory game set after the out break of a Zombie apocalypse, yeah I know Kickstarter and Zombies they go together like Ham and Cheese but hear me out. This one looks far more interesting than the usual fare, you as the player are competing against your fellow humans attempting to build settlements of survivors and reclaim the city from the undead maybe even potentially find a cure.

surviving 3It has a couple of cool things going for it, first the art which has taken an old school 8 bit approach, all the tiles are incredibly cool looking with heaps of detail, its the sort of thing your going to give a good hard stare at every-time you place one, sort of like a post apocalyptic Dobbit. As actions you can send your motley crew of survivors out to reclaim buildings, find farms which you can use to produce food, build fences and some other neat little ideas.

surviving 1Its probably the first Zombie Euro I’ve encountered and it has some cool ideas and interesting mechanics and aside from some fiddlyness in its current iteration it does look like a solid little game. So any of you wanna be Governors out there might want to give this one a look, it has 10 days left to go its reasonably priced and is very close to reaching its funding with some stretch goals promised if that happens.

one-night-resistance-box_ffcwcmIndie Board & Cards have snuck out One Night Resistance partnered with Bezeir games they are mashing up the hugely successful One Night Ultimate Werewolf idea of condensing that game down into a short, sharp, bite of game with the just as popular Resistance license.

I love Resistance but I’m not sold that it will work in this format, its a game that thrives on the deceit of others at the table and general mischief and trash talking.  Taking most of that out of the game doesn’t seem to leave much game to play. Heaps more alternative artwork has been hinted at as stretch goals, but as an owner of both Coup and Resistance and their expansions I have enough extra art cards for around 6 other games, for this price I’d want more game than art but maybe that’s just me. I’m cold on this and after the European backers were left waiting for product months after the US pledges for the aforementioned Coup and Resistance expansions had received theirs and played them to death, with very little in the way of explanation or communication this is one project I’ll be avoiding. Your probably better off just getting a copy of One Night Werewolf which you can buy now.


The Gathering Of Friends recently took place, its an invite only board game event started by Alan R. Moon in the early 90’s (think of it a bit like the board game equivalent of the free mason’s) anyway there were a few things that snatched my interest.

10477374_10153247811314252_7105577703316725142_n 11121769_10153247811259252_5346241661985798040_n

img_0154lots of Vllada which is never a bad thing. Can’t wait.


boydellhoodHuzzah Mr Tony Boydell that designer of such marvelous fare as Snowdonia and Ivor the Engine has been named Board Game Geeks Geek Of The Week. He’s been having a jolly old time of it and the thread is littered with much of the Boydell gold and joyful randomness usually reserved for his blog posts, disappointingly he seem’s to have reamed in his utterly foul language (which is a shame) I might go and poke him and see if I can encourage some good old Anglo Saxon abuse. Grab a nice cuppa and peruse at your leisure.


pic2478575Don’t forget that the excellent Lords of War Kickstarter for the second expansion set is still running HERE.

Right I’ve had enough of this bollocks the suns out and the fridge has some of that curious beer stuff in it, I’m off to get tipsy, tear my shirt off and barbecue in the front garden whilst swearing loudly at the kids until the neighbors curtains spontaneously combust through the friction.

See you soon.



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