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Tinker Tailor

by Mike Bon July 17, 2015
WDR Silver
One thing we strive for here at WDR towers is to shine a light on the smaller publishers and games, those that can get lost in all the noise and bluster whenever one of the big boys release a shiny new toy. Recently we pointed you towards 6, released at the UK Games EXPO it […]

Who Dares News

by Mike Bon April 16, 2015
More news I hear you cry, but we have already had some this week! Yes, yes you have but as I’m feeling particular generous with the news at the moment here’s another nugget or two. So stop with the griping already! Jeez. So first up is a little British game that could. Surviving: One Month […]


by Mike Bon July 3, 2014
Coup premiered at Essen 2012. Designed by Rikki Tahta it went on to be a huge success and pretty soon unfortunately went out of print.  Skip forward to early 2013 and Indie Board & Cards announced that they had picked up the rights to a re-theme and re-print setting it in their Resistance universe, a […]

Who Dares Rolls Episode 5 – Filler Games

by Mike Bon May 24, 2014
Join the WDR boys as they delve into board games both old and new, give opinions and thoughts on the hobby and tackle the terrors that await them  in Deathtrap Dungeon. In this episode having not prepared at all the gents discuss some hastily snatch boxes from the shelves and cover some filler games including […]

Coup Reprint first shots

by Mike Bon August 29, 2013
Just found these beauties in my inbox, the first shots of the reprint for Coup. These are for the new retail release of this game – Anyone who backed this baby on Kickstarter will be getting even shinier stuff. Oooh! Coup Has been around a little while but has been out of print. Designed by […]