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D Day Dice

by Mike Bon November 18, 2017
As this long out of print and particularly hard to find little devil has recently reemerged on Kickstarter I thought I’d pull out this old review from the vaults. Give it a polish and put it up here in case you missed it the first time. Having looked at the new edition other than some […]

Metal Showcase 11pm

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon July 19, 2016
Metal Showcase 11pm By Jason Morningstar You’re a performer with more ambition than talent; maybe you’ve got some sweet moves, maybe your style is pretty rad or maybe you’re moneyed enough to have the right gear. Whatever you’re not so good at, maybe you’ll find the right bandmates, make the right decisions and stomp the […]


by Mike Bon May 6, 2016
WDR Bronze
Whoops, we’ve done an apocalypse. But in a surprising turn of events rather than cockroaches or unkillable robotic endoskeletons crawling from the ashes, it’s the sheep who will inherit the earth. Shephy is a solitaire game of flock building in the post-apocalypse, with nary a Border Collie in sight and the final “Come-Bye” uttered some […]


by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon April 24, 2016
Game by Ewen Cluney   Hikikomori is a single-player role-playing game about the Japanese phenomenon of young adults socially isolating themselves from everyone else. Now I’m an introvert, but a socially-dependent one, hence all the board games and role-playing games. In this game, we’re talking about the life of someone who can barely bring themselves […]

The Plant

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon April 11, 2016
Game by Jason Morningstar & Bully Pulpit Games   Your daughter is in the plant. You are going to find her. That’s it. The simple start to the game. You need to prepare a few things first but stick with it. You need index cards, a pen and while a token to represent you is […]

Hostage Negotiator

by Mike Bon March 4, 2016
WDR Bronze
Hostage negotiation Hollywood has mined this genre creating some thrilling and nail biting flicks Dog Day Afternoon, Speed, The Negotiator and The Taking of Pelham 123 (the original not the remake) are all excellent examples. All are chockful with twists and turns featuring more cat and mouse shenanigans than a Tom & Jerry marathon. It’s […]

Playing With Ourselves

by Mike Bon March 4, 2016
The board gamer is by choice a social animal, never happier than clustering in groups and shooting the breeze around a table filled with like-minded individuals its the founding principles of what we do. But any true tabletop apostle will at some point in their meeple laden journey partook in a spot of the old […]

Chainsaw Warrior

by Mike Bon July 3, 2014
WDR Bronze
Travel back in time my friends to the 1980’s. The golden age of action horror movies, muscle-bound heroes and bad hair (all three are in fine form in They Live). Released in 1987 by Games Workshop Chainsaw Warrior was an instant no-brainer. Essentially this is a John Carpenter movie in a box, minus Kurt Russel. […]