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  • After Us Review
    Mike reviews the game of post-apocalyptic monkey tribe engine-building
  • Die of the Dead Review
    Mike gets excited about V8 Games Die of the Dead.  
    It’s the Day of the Dead and players take the roles of friendly spirits guiding souls from the world of the dead, to the land of the living. 
    The first player to guide souls up the 9 levels back to the land of the living is ...
  • Mandala Stones Review
    Mike takes a look at Mandala Stones from Board & Dice.  
    Mandala Stones is a game of tranquillity and beauty! Arrange colourful stones to create a stunning work of art together with your friends.  
    So completely up Mike’s alley, but come take a look at its gorgeous components and check out whether this is the ...
  • WDR TV – Dungeon Degenerates Review
    Mike channels his inner degenerate in this rollicking “Metal” fantasy RPG board game! Lets journey together into the rancid sausage strewn realms of Goblinko’s Dungeon Degenerates and capture a sex dwarf!
    Get it here –…

  • Solar Storm WDR TV Review
    Mike takes a look at Solar Storm from Dranda Games. In this tiny one could almost say epic sized box is a surprising amount of game. Play as the beleaguered crew of a star ship as you fight to regain control and stop it plummeting into a star in this cooperative nail biter.
    Nab yourself a ...
  • Mikes Top Ten Games of 2019
    It’s a fairly fresh New Year, and as promised at some point by someone (probably me) it was henceforth decided to make a list of board games that I have played and enjoyed with much excitement this year. Gaze upon the list and agree or disagree that is your choice that is all.
  • The Top Ten TV & Movie Themed Board Games
    It was time for a list, we’ve never done one before. So here’s Mike B’s Cracking Top Ten Movies & TV Themed Games!
  • Gloomhaven
    So Gloomhaven, its an epic sprawling dungeon crawl board game with RPG allusions housed in a box capable of killing a planet if hurled at it from orbit.
    It went from being Kickstarter’s best-kept secret to subsequently last years biggest regret prompting a multi-million dollar funded second printing. More recently it was heralded as the best ...
  • The City of Kings
    Around a year ago I published this very review that you will find below for The City of Kings, it blew me away on my first encounter and went on to do rather well for itself.
    Well I’m resurrecting my initial thoughts as the reprint for the game plus some new content including more quests, characters ...
  • Bärenpark
    Bears! Bears are pretty great. I’ve reviewed Honey Heist and really loved that. Bears can be adorable and deadly in equal measure.
    In the Who Dares Rolls Podcast 47 I mentioned taking part in the BoardGameGeek UK Maths Trade and getting Bärenpark. My partner heard that I was getting this game and cared about nothing else. The ...
  • Starfighter
    Thanks to my well-known obsession with all things tabletop, every Christmas my friends and family attempt to outdo themselves by seeing what little gaming gems they can find me. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes I get Liar’s Dice.
    This year was no exception and with giddy delight, I turned to the neatly wrapped boxes before me ...
  • Inis
    This one snuck up on me. I had seen it a few times in games shops I frequent (I’m not always about the bargain bin you know), but the cover never grabbed my attention. Possibly the lady in a weird hat or maybe the very bright colour choices. Quick history lesson folks the artist of ...
  • Snowdonia
    To celebrate the fifth birthday of the most excellent Snowdonia we present to you our modest review of my beloved games.
  • The Others
    Lets take a look at CMON’s big horror Kickstarter from last year. The Others.
  • Petrichor
    I was incredibly fortunate to get my mits on a pre-production copy of the spiffy new game Petrichor from the designer hive-mind of David Chircop (Pursuit of Happiness) and David Turczi (Anachrony). Its all about being a cloud and doing cloud stuff like raining and thundering and floating. OK I appreciate that that sounds like ...
  • SeaFall
    A warning to passing travellers for your safety contained below within the secret passages is a deeper look into our SeaFall experience. Be warned these rarely trodden paths are treacherous and filled with the most heinous spoilers…OK look if you don’t want your SeaFall campaign to be ruined don’t click the bloody things, just so ...
  • Secret Hitler
    Are you good at bluffing and lying? I’m not. I’m bloody awful at it. I have tried to play poker, but it really should be named ‘who would like to have some of Adam’s money?’ My first attempt at Skull ended up with me crashing and burning in the most spectacular way imaginable. And Werewolf ...
  • Ghostel
    Back in the heady days of early 2016, we published a review for Tinkerbot Games Kickstarter project Ghostel. Well here we are in the fresh new car smelling 2017 and don’t you know it but the finished game has materialised on my door mat. So this seems the perfect time to go take another look ...
  • Cape Horn
    Adam is all at sea with Cape Horn. Yep he’s been in the bargain bin again..
    Everyone knows I love both a bargain. Moreover, I love an obscure game that I can pick up at a bargain price and hopefully get a good bit of play out of. Having been previously rewarded with games like GOSU ...
  • Nine Worlds
    Vikings are the new black. The zombie hoards having finally taken a dirt nap for the time being, although I fully anticipate some zombie Vikings in the not too distant future. So last year we got the extravagant toy filled fun of Eric Lang’s Blood Rage followed by an invasion of other violent Scandinavian tourist ...