Pandemic Legacy Season 1 – No Spoilers

by Mike Bon January 7, 2016
WDR Gold Essential
Lets set aside for a moment the grinding of teeth and ridiculous caterwauling that has emerged since this game topped the BGG rankings as that’s a discussion for another time. Instead, let us ponder as to why it’s justifiably had this adoration lavished upon it and why it’s every bit as good as you might […]

Terra Mystica

by Mike Bon July 3, 2014
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  Terra Mystica thudded (and I mean that literally, have you lifted this box!) onto the scene late in 2012, it’s a box heaving with wooden components and at first glance once set up sprawled across a table is sufficient to send some gamer’s running to the hills screaming. I first encountered Terra Mystica last […]


by Mike Bon July 2, 2014
WDR Silver
This is such a great game, I recommend it without hesitation. But that’s a bit short for a review so indulge me while I tell you why. Designed by Matt Leacock and winner of numerous awards this is a cracking CO-OP game that by rights should be sitting alongside Monopoly on the shelves of every […]