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Who Dares News 18th March 2016

by on March 18, 2016

Waaahhhhh! Newsgasm!

OK so if that above image (no not the Newsgasm thing the bloody box above it) doesn’t send you into a frothing twitching fit I don’t know what will. Eric ‘Bloody Blood Rage’ Lang he of the crazy hair and Panda fetish has announced that he’s designed/designing a Godfather game based on the 1972 Movie by Francis Coppola. Its coming via Cool Mini Or Not and looks to be Eurotrash game mixing worker placement economics cannoli and violent gang warfare and probably some fishy bed times. Godfather 1 & 2 are amongst my most beloved films and this announcement makes me very, very happy. I want a Clemenza mini.

Vague arrival date seems to imply Q3 this year.

bloodborneIt appears Mr Lang has been busy because hot off the back of that he’s also announced a Bloodborne card game, based on the popular and all get the hell out of here ridiculously difficult video game from the makers of Dark Souls. Its a co-op to a point until only one person can win, or probably more likely stay alive. Intrigued we are and its Lang so duh!

We don’t know when exactly other than its coming this year.

He also announced that he’s doing a Munchkin CCG which seems to be the combination of two things that I absolutely do not need in my life, and only his involvement avoided me being sick in my mouth, well I suppose they can’t all be winners.

pic2935361Ignacy Trzewiczek from Portal has finally let the cat of the bag of that mystery game he/s been hinting at. Its Crazy Karts.

Crazy Karts is a team-based, fast-paced racing game for 3-8 players, who compete in teams of two in which each player controls specific actions of their kart, but they cannot communicate with their teammate!

In more detail, one player controls the brakes and turns, while the other player speeds up and fires the cannon. Teams must outmaneuver their opponents, dodge obstacles, grab power-ups, and avoid smashing into the walls, all planning their actions in secret without talking! Need to turn left? Better hope your partner didn’t accelerate! Race to the finish line in this wacky game of mayhem and shenanigans. Do you have what it takes to be a champion kart racer?

As with many other titles from Portal Games, Crazy Karts includes four unique factions for the teams, each with their unique power. If you are play with an odd number of players, a Lone Wolf faction allows a single player to compete with a unique set of skills and disadvantages.

Its sounds cool and I’m getting some Mario Kart vibes from it crossed with Robo Rally and it plays big numbers which is good. I love Portal they also seem to do something that’s just the right side of crazy and fun, here’s hoping this is more of the same.

pic2935763IDW have announced Wasteland Express Delivery Service from Dead of Winter designer John Gilmour

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and players are drivers delivering food, water and guns to various settlements throughout the wasteland while risking the mayhem caused by the outrageous characters and battling raiders that inhabit the land. The game also features 3 outlandish factions that players can gain favor with.

The game features an emerging narrative over the course of a 10 game campaign, each beginning with a beautifully illustrated comic book introduction that sets up the story, stakes and challenges that the players will have to contend with.

pic2935766_lgThe art for this bad boy looks stunning and its giving off some serious Fury Road vibes, this looks like Kiki’s delivery service via the apocalyptic wastelands, it sounds a blast and its a theme that I’ll happily take as much as you’ll give me.

pic2935767_lgSaltlandsPressReleaseIMG_3 copySpeaking of which I have been twiddling with Saltlands which is another post apocalypse set board game, this one see’s you as a rag tag tribe attempting to survive against raisers and the harsh conditions. Its hitting Kickstarter next month and I’ll be covering this one in a chunk more detail soon. For the time being here’s a couple of shots of the preproduction copy I have. And you can find out more and see some of the cool art and design HERE.

long-night_lilsuuAnd speaking of John Gilmour as we were just a mere couple of paragraphs ago he’s also been rather busy on Dead of Winter The Long Night, yep its sequel time folks. Dead of Winter was a huge hit for Plaid Hat and I loved it and still do, well coming later in the year we’re getting a stand alone big box expansion that’s looking to shake things up, I’m getting a darker vibe from this, not that the original was happy clappy. The pre-order is up on Plaid Hats site HERE and to tide you over the wait I’ve come across this interesting little time waster.

Raxxon Terminal

And then there’s this.


You guys!!

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