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Who Dares Rolls Podcast – Episode 24 – Making A List Part 1

by Mike Bon August 7, 2015
Well you asked for it… Well some of you asked for it. Here’s part one of our top ten list’s. Yes in the time honored tradition of board game podcasts we’ve finally succumbed to the mounting pressure and made a list, due to the extant of the waffling in this episode expect a cliffhanger of […]

Who Dares News On 2nd February 2015

by Mike Bon February 2, 2015
Greetings Greg’s Been a while since we did one of these and as Stuff! has occurred or is about to, I thought it was a suitable calm in the storm of the gaming teacup to stop for a quiet moment of contemplation and hit you all up with whats new and what we have coming […]

Who Dares Rolls Podcast – Episode 12 – Heroes Wanted

by Mike Bon September 27, 2014
Its episode 12 of the Who Dares Rolls Podcast in this four color heroic extravaganza our intrepid purveyors of podcasty derring do take on Action Phase Games Heroes Wanted, the tactical board game of mix n’ match heroes and quirky party fun. Will they succumb to the urge to throat punch each other or become […]

Board Game News On September 10 2014

by Mike Bon September 10, 2014
Its September! Its nearly half way through September!! Who’s stealing my time, it was only July last week. Ignoring my tenuous  grip on the space time continuum lets push on. New Game Releases. OK so its that post Gen Con time of year, which basically means that gamer’s are broke, there will be on average […]