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Who Dares Rolls Podcast – Episode 24 – Making A List Part 1

by on August 7, 2015

Well you asked for it… Well some of you asked for it. Here’s part one of our top ten list’s. Yes in the time honored tradition of board game podcasts we’ve finally succumbed to the mounting pressure and made a list, due to the extant of the waffling in this episode expect a cliffhanger of such momentous proportions that we haven’t seen the like since The Empire Strikes Back delved into Luke’s daddy issues (spoiler!)

We also take a fitful glance at some of Gen Con’s recent  happenings and meander through what we’ve been playing.



And hold on to your lug nuts because were heading out into the wasteland, yep we commence our gas guzzling adventures in Ian Livingstone’s Freeway Fighter.

Yep what more could you ask for, so grab a warm cuppa and settle down for more derivative drivel.

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