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by Mike Bon March 17, 2016
WDR Silver
Like Omar Sharif’s entrance in Lawrence of Arabia, Ominoes has slowly materialised on the horizon building a palpable sense of anticipation and fascination as it took as damn well long as it pleased getting here. And then the other day completely unannounced the bloody thing just dropped on my door mat, Whizzer! Ominoes is the […]

The UK Games EXPO Banquet of Delights

by Mike Bon May 26, 2015
Its Tuesday 26 June 2015 and in just three short days our quaint little shores biggest gaming event is set to take place, i’m talking about the UK Games Expo! Its no underestimate to say that this year is set to be its biggest ever, and if you are not yet suitable ecstatic at the […]


by Mike Bon February 25, 2015
Ah trips to the beach, a distinctly British pastime of dragging the family down to one of our many coastlines and indulging in a spot of bonding over gritty ham sandwiches, lounging in a deckchair while being buffeted by a strong north easterly wind and applying copious amounts of sun cream to each other. Whilst […]

London Toy Fair 2015

by Mike Bon January 21, 2015
In January I made some bold (read foolish) proclamations of intent to run a series of articles relating to how the hobby game industry functions within the UK, the intent is to take a peek at all levels from distributors, designers to us lowly bloggers. I thought it would be an interesting topic to cover, […]

Frankenstein’s Bodies

by Mike Bon July 3, 2014
WDR Silver
I love Hammer movies don’t you? I grew up on the old Peter Cushing Frankenstein movies so when I was lucky enough to get get my hands on a preview copy of Frankenstein’s bodies I lunged at the chance. This looked to have everything ghoulish and horrid that I loved about those creaky old films, […]

Frankenstein’s Bodies Interview UK Games Expo 2014

by Mike Bon June 3, 2014
Phew, what a brilliant and manic weekend. This is the first of the interviews I recorded at the recent UK Games Expo and it was with the very amiable Mr Andrew Harman, the designer of the fantastic Frankenstein’s Bodies. The game went down a storm over the weekend and I managed to gatecrash a game […]

The something, somewhen News!!

by Mike Bon May 27, 2014
3 Days till the UK Games EXPO… 3 Days! So excited. So yes UK Games EXPO is hitting this weekend and promising 3 days of board gaming joy. There are a bunch of big names attending, Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone authors of the wonderful Fighting Fantasy series, Matt Leacock the designer of Pandemic and Forbidden […]

Wednesday Board Game News On Tuesday!

by Mike Bon May 20, 2014
So how does this grab you firefly fans? Announced for demo at GenCon with a release later in 2014 is the new Blue Sun expansion for the rather popular Firefly game, this latest expansion adds more boards!! to a game that already devours table space, and some new rules for the Reavers to make them […]

The Board Gaming News in the middle of the week.

by Mike Bon May 14, 2014
Hot of the presses is the very exciting news that Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau recently turned up at a protospiel event with an interesting item wrapped in plastic. They demoed an early prototype for Pandamic Legacy. Now this subject was only recently discussed on the Plaid Hat Podcast episode #134, little did those shrewd […]

The News! On Mon… Ah forget it. Board Game News!

by Mike Bon April 29, 2014
Crikey a new week already, time is zipping by faster than a hamster in a turbo charged wonder wheel… Um. So hang on to your lugnuts here we go. IDW have announced that in league with Pandasaurus games they will be releasing the cool and funky Machi Koro in July with retailer exclusive game cards. […]