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The Board Gaming News in the middle of the week.

by on May 14, 2014
Pandemic 2013

Pandemic 2013

Hot of the presses is the very exciting news that Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau recently turned up at a protospiel event with an interesting item wrapped in plastic. They demoed an early prototype for Pandamic Legacy. Now this subject was only recently discussed on the Plaid Hat Podcast episode #134, little did those shrewd plaidhaters know how close they were to the truth, or did they?

Not much is know at present but color me really interested for how this news develops. This is what we do have to go on.

Play starts off like normal Pandemic, with players trying to treat diseases across the world, but gameplay quickly evolves into a wholly new experience. Now, I won’t spoil any of the contents of the packets that can be opened, but it does feature stickers and a persistent campaign world just like Risk Legacy. Player roles can be upgraded with new powers and possibly scars, and the role cards have spots for “Relationships”, which I did not get to see. One thing that you do see from the get-go is that each city has circles around it that get filled in whenever an outbreak occurs; have too many filled in and the city riots, preventing you from traveling directly there. Even more and the city can be completely devastated.

If you like Pandemic even a little, this game is going to appeal to you. If you don’t like Pandemic, the Legacy elements of this game may change your mind. Very excited for this one.

Cool, just take my money already guys. And whilst this does get me all a quiver I’m still waiting patiently for Seafall Rob’s solo legacy title that is still in development, I would not be surprised if we get some kind of official announcement regarding its release at GenCon this year. Damn this is looking to be a cool year for board games.


There has also been some tiny news on Antione Bauza’s 7 Wonders Duel, a two player version of the popular card game, that see’s opponents drafting their cards from a central pyramid and battling it out over subsequent turns. Interesting and we do enjoy an occasional 7 Wonders game, just not convinced it will offer much more than the current game, we await to see.

UncannyDice-MastersWizkids has announced a September release for Marvel Dice Masters:Uncanny X-men. With the base game pretty much sold out worldwide and everyone soon to get dice withdrawal as the next wave to hit probably won’t be July lets hope they print enough of this one. We have manged to lay our hands on a set of the Avengers Vs X-men and hope to get a review up in the coming week, once we’ve given it a spin (or roll).


BniFsHkCUAA6LKJAnd staying with the superhero theme here is a pic for the board of the forthcoming Marvel Legendary Villains due in the summer from Upper Deck. We like the original game here at WDR and look to see a in-depth review/discussion in an upcoming podcast episode.


Frankenstein’s Bodies is still running on Kickstarter right now and needs your support, the cool little Gothic card game of body snatching and building a better monster is coming up to half way to its funding goal. We gave it an enthusiastic review HERE and is a lot of fun.

agentsThe Agents is having something of a resurrection. Having done well last year and coming out this seem’s to be a reprint of the base game, 3 new expansions and fixes some issues with the original sets. Really enjoyed this it features some great art and an interesting play style, need to get another game of this in. Will try and get a review up for the original in the coming weeks.


Dog Park.And in the category of what were they thinking! We have Dog Park, a game where your faithful pooch needs to eat asparagus so his wee smells and can then dig up bones???  I believe the dogs expression above sums up my feelings on the matter.

ukexpoWell we have just weeks to go now until the UK Games Expo, so excited a weekend of games and games and more games. Stay game and see you here soon.



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