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Imperial Settlers

by Mike Bon January 25, 2015
WDR Gold Essential
My first introduction to Civ games was the granddaddy of em all Sid Meir’s Civilization. And oh my! have I whiled away countless hours chasing that next wonder or shiny new tech, its like historical crack. I’ve circled Fantasy Flights lavish board game adaptation like a seagull over a ham sandwich but I just couldn’t […]


by Mike Bon July 3, 2014
Friends we are travelling back to the golden hued times of bygone gaming, well five years anyway. Released in 2008 Dominion ushered the hugely popular Deck Building mechanic onto the face of modern board gaming, and has since spawned numerous imitators some brilliant and others not so. Its easy to forget now quite what a […]

Fear and Loathing in Birmingham

by Mike Bon May 30, 2014
 In an attempt to increase our coverage of the UK Games EXPO we went outside our normal channels employing an alleged professional journalist, foresight is a great thing and his credentials seemed genuine at the time. This report was pieced together from audio recordings most of which were indecipherable and may have included some form […]