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AireCon Report

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon April 21, 2020
The world’s a very different place from when I attended AireCon a scant few weeks ago and even then it was all starting to go a bit weird. Boris was talking about herd immunity and Trump was declaring everything fake with each passing day he resembles the Shark denying mayor of Amity more and more. […]


by Mike Bon March 14, 2017
This past weekend, I travelled across half of the UK to attend Airecon a fresh new upstart on the UK’s convention scene. I’d never visited before but as it had moved this year into the rather swanky Harrogate International Centre now seemed the optimum time to check it out. Considering Airecon is only four shows […]

On the Road to Airecon

by Mike Bon March 10, 2017
Being the gentlemen explorers of all things cardboard it seemed only correct that we should probably pause from our daily routine of lolling around the Who Dares Roll’s lodge in a barely functioning state and venture outside. And when I say go out, I mean do something bordering on actual journalism besides having a fag […]

Airecon 2017

by Mike Bon February 6, 2017
We’re going on a road trip! So its time to dust off those convention cobwebs and ready ourselves for a weekend of some damned fine gaming. Sweet Gaming Convention season is here again! Yes I’ll be attending Airecon now in its fourth third glorious year and I think they are about ready to deal with our […]