Two Rooms and a Boom (or how I learned to stop waiting and played another party game)

by Mike Bon August 26, 2015
So cast your mind back a couple of years, Love Letter hits the party/micro game scene like a disco inferno and is still punching its weight today. Two Rooms was also something of a party darling riding high on a Golden Geek best PNP nomination itself bringing a high concept elevator pitch dream come true […]


by Mike Bon July 3, 2014
OK so yes this is a game on a computer. Don’t panic this isn’t a sudden departure for the site into video game reviews, but I have been playing this a lot and its at heart a CCG similar to Magic. If you are unaware Hearthstone is Blizzards grab for the online CCG market, pretty […]

Kakerlaken Poker Royal

by Mike Bon July 3, 2014
And now for something simple and fun. Filler games or openers or indeed closer’s (for those of you now confused let me quickly demystify those terms – fillers are just that a small quick game to play when you might be in a rush or waiting for others to arrive. Opener’s and closer’s and sort […]