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Zombiecide Season 2 – Prison Outbreak

by Mike Bon July 11, 2014
WDR Silver
I’ve long avoided Zombicide, the price has been one factor it runs into the serious gamer’s budget area making attaining a copy a special treat and less an impulse buy. I’ve occasionally glanced from afar but in all honesty I wasn’t that enticed, sure there are all the great looking mini’s I mean this box […]

Who Dares Rolls Board Gaming News This Week

by Mike Bon July 1, 2014
Hello and indeed welcome to another randomly punctual edition of the Who Dares Rolls News. Bringing you a generous scoop of what has tickled our interest over the past few days topped with a vigorous shake of sprinkles brimming with delight of stuff hitting our tables soon. Think of it as a big drippy sundae […]

Board Game News On a Monday!! Whatever Next!

by Mike Bon June 17, 2014
It is Monday? Yes. Brilliant. Amazingly we have managed to get a news article out on time. Gah! well its the news on nearly Monday. So been a tad busy over the last couple of weeks, the Games Expo was amazing and crazy and cool and also took me out of the web loop for […]