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Be excellent to each other.

by Mike Bon February 27, 2017
In these uncertain times with social media becoming more and more the home of a wretched hive of scum and villainy and our daily news so often depicting the absolute worse facets of humanity from those elected it could easily be surmised that frankly, the world is going to hell in a hand basket. So […]

Smoke & Mirrors

by Mike Bon August 20, 2015
Aside from my obsession with board games sleight of hand card tricks has long been a fascination for me. Now personally I’m useless at them you just need to witness my hamfisted attempts at shuffling to know this but Masters of this skill such as Ricky Jay are heroes of mine. So combining a theme […]

Who Dares Rolls Express 03 – Smoke & Mirrors

by Mike Bon August 13, 2015
Hello and welcome to another light nibble of podcast goodness. In this episode of the Who Dares Rolls Express Charlie briefly discusses his RPG articles for D&D 5th edition and I conduct an interview with Chip Beauvais about his new game Smoke & Mirrors, a bluffing card game of dueling magicians, think of it a […]