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Who Dares News 29th March 2016

by Mike Bon March 29, 2016
And so March shoots passed us like a pensioner on a mobility scooter going downhill with dodgy brakes. We’ve been a tad subdued on here of late as I happened to be on a cruise and short of re-mortgaging the house to get a WiFi connection on the ship I was off the grid. However […]

Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 30 – Time Stories

by Mike Bon February 24, 2016
With the podcast crews numbers decimated by Births, confusion and assorted plagues. Mike and Robbie careen onwards into a discussion on Time Stories. Part role playing game with a dash of choose your own adventure the boys attempt to take a peek up its flux capacitor without having a nasty paradox. Also discussed is Mike’s […]

Show me the money!

by Mike Bon February 18, 2016
Whoot! like a proud father grappling with a fresh pink mewling newborn it gives me great pleasure and a warm comforting feeling in my underwear to announce that our Patreon page has gone live. Now if you’re sat there scratching your head wondering “what is Patreon?” well allow me to clear up any fuzziness that […]