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by Mike Bon July 3, 2014
  If you love dice games and have a penchant for deck builders then this may very well be one of your favorite things, because Quarriors is both of these. Designed by Mike Elliot & Eric Lang and released by Wizkids back in 2011 the base set comes with a brain boggling 130 custom dice, […]

Game Angry

by Mike Bon May 19, 2014
Every once in a while i’m angered, nay enraged at the levels of general ignorance and/or stupidity displayed by the human race, having a job requiring persistent contact with the general public in a service position will do that to you. Fortunately board gamer’s on the whole are a happy and calm lot, the very […]

Tuesday News, late again…

by Mike Bon April 22, 2014
News has been a bit thin on the ground, there isn’t a whole lot of new games shipping at the moment with companies clutching hold of the good stuff in preparation of this summers big conventions. However a couple of gems have been teased so we’re make of them what we can. Gale Force 9 […]