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Tuesday News, late again…

by on April 22, 2014

News has been a bit thin on the ground, there isn’t a whole lot of new games shipping at the moment with companies clutching hold of the good stuff in preparation of this summers big conventions. However a couple of gems have been teased so we’re make of them what we can.

Gale Force 9 one of WDR’s most favoritist companies who are putting out a slew of lovely licensed games have given us a bit more information on the forthcoming Son’s Of Anarchy game.

In Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem, players take the role of rival biker gangs out to control territory to reap the monetary rewards of controlling contraband. With each turn, new tiles are laid, which represent new territory, and clubs attempt to control that space by placing members of their gang (represented by tokens of Members on bikes, and Prospects who are on foot) in that space. However, other players can challenge for right to territory, which will lead to conflict; negotiate, threaten and ally with rival gangs when it serves your needs, but be wary of the inevitable knife in the back. The game is about making and breaking alliances, and the gang with the most money at the end of six turns wins.

SOA card

They also released an image of a promo item for an additional gang that will be coming out around the same time that this hits stores. I’m interested but only if they include a Ron Perlman meeple.

26635Dice Masters Starter_MD

Wizkids have announced they are already reprinting Marvel Dice Masters despite the game not actually being released yet. Dice Masters has already completely sold out, with many US retailers not receiving enough copies to meet the pre-order demands. Not one’s to miss a good thing when they’ve got it.  They have teased a follow up set featuring the X-Men in Q4. Dice Masters is due to hit UK shores 5 May, so better get your skates on to nab a copy because these are going to go fast.

Staying with Wiz Kids they have also issued some mutterings regarding the latest expansions for the Attack Wing miniatures game, which will include those little rubic cubes of certain death The Borg. They aren’t due till September, which will give us time to take a look at the base set. Personally bit of a Star Wars fan, but i’m interested on what this version offers that’s different to the rather fun X-Wing game from Fantasy Flight.

AEG have given some information on their planned reprint of Seiji Kani’s Lost Legacy, another mico card game similar to Love Letter from Kanai. They have some new art, that looks a bit low rent space opera presently, and plan to release the different decks seperatly at $10 a pop, which combined makes this quite an expansive proposition to own all the slim 16 card sets. The game looks neat but not sure I want to pay those prices to own it.

In Kickstarter news,  it appears that the wheels have fallen off the micro-gaming wagon. Tasty Minstrel games are getting a beasting presently as they have recently announced delays in all of their game kickstarters from last year. Micheal Mindes the owner of Tasty Minstrel had to make the regrettable decision when it became clear that he had bitten off far too much work for one man. He has since recruited a team to assist with getting the stalled productions going again, but many have been left with a sour taste that this announcement came within weeks of the expected release of the rather popular Coin Age.  Many have shown displeasure that they perceive the combined money from the games including Scoville that totals in excess of $200,000 is now being used to expand the company and staff, rather than producing their games. Such is the gamble of backing any kickstarter project, always do your homework and understand your investing and not pre-ordering. And if that money has grown the company then your investment has been used for its purpose. We await to see if this hastily applied band aid will avoid them bleeding out, and has avoided another public meltdown.

dragon slayer

In happier news, Indie Games & Cards, hot off the success of Coup Restoration have put up a push your luck dice game called Dragon Slayer (no relation to the cool 80’s Disney movie) it looks an interest variant on the Zombie Dice type game allowing players to goad their opponents and cash in points dependent on their failure or success. Its at a very affordable price and any backers of the recent Coup expansion can bag it an even cheaper deal.

dead of winter

And now more sad news. Plaid Hat Games Dead of Winter crossroads game has been delayed till early June due to a spanner in the works in the printing process. Gah!! so looking forward to this and hope we get the teased Summer Camp as the next Crossroads Game.

In the category of we look at it so you don’t have to, we have a couple of future Kickstarter fails. First up is Phase Shift currently running at $51 of its $5,000 goal. Apparently its the greatest ever sci-fi tabletop RPG, the video contains a bunch of bankers who seem to think RPG’s involve throwing large amounts of dice at a table whilst being smug. And appears to have no actual roleplay besides inventing toasters and other household appliances. Maybe my spell checker knows something I don’t because twice it changed the title to Phat Shit…hmm.

And a real gem Echo Strike – a game where you drive a tank, which is a carefully constructed scale model with a toilet tube sellotaped on it, requires a board the size of a dining table, range rules that work if you can see stuff down your toilet tube, and move system that requires a large stick that you hit on the table and randomly count numbers. I kid you not. Check out the video at the bottom of the page and then call me a liar. Watch the main backer video and you can enjoy Norman the games designer and his mail order bride as they make googoo eyes at each other whilst Norm explains the indecipherable rules.

Fighting Fantasy

The poll is still up for the next Fighting Fantasy book to be covered in the podcast after we die a horrible death, in all likelihood the next episode, so don’t delay and give us a click.

If you are a Board Game Geek regular, feel free to post on our forums, (click the link on the front page) there is still an undefined prize for the first real interaction we get from a human. Send us a question we can cover in the podcast and you’ll get something cool and amazing sent to you, we just don’t know what yet. But hurry this is a one time offer first come first gifted.

WDR shield

And whilst we are discussing Board Game Geek, when you are over there posting on our soon to buzzing message boards, make sure you nab yourself a WDR microbadge. Fashioned from the finest pixels at no expense whatsoever, its a bold statement of your ability to flitter geek gold on any shiny new trinket.

And on that bombshell, were done.





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