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Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem

by Mike Bon April 9, 2015
WDR Silver
Gale Force Nine have become one of my guilty gaming pleasures, OK let me quantify that statement further. By rights their output should be terrible consisting as it does of TV show licenses an area of our hobby historically beset by cheap buck efforts with slapped on themes. Yet despite this they have consistently managed […]

Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 17 – Star Wars Imperial Assault

by Mike Bon February 13, 2015
A new year and a new episode. In this we discuss and delve into Fantasy Flights new Star Wars themed dungeon crawler Star Wars Imperial Assault. Discussed are Roll For The Galaxy,Imperial Settlers, Son’s Of Anarchy and Larping! We un-box a game that only Ben could find interesting Primo the game of prime numberszzzz. Ugh […]

Who Dares News On 2nd February 2015

by Mike Bon February 2, 2015
Greetings Greg’s Been a while since we did one of these and as Stuff! has occurred or is about to, I thought it was a suitable calm in the storm of the gaming teacup to stop for a quiet moment of contemplation and hit you all up with whats new and what we have coming […]

London Toy Fair 2015

by Mike Bon January 21, 2015
In January I made some bold (read foolish) proclamations of intent to run a series of articles relating to how the hobby game industry functions within the UK, the intent is to take a peek at all levels from distributors, designers to us lowly bloggers. I thought it would be an interesting topic to cover, […]

Wednesday Board Game News On Tuesday!

by Mike Bon May 20, 2014
So how does this grab you firefly fans? Announced for demo at GenCon with a release later in 2014 is the new Blue Sun expansion for the rather popular Firefly game, this latest expansion adds more boards!! to a game that already devours table space, and some new rules for the Reavers to make them […]

Tuesday News, late again…

by Mike Bon April 22, 2014
News has been a bit thin on the ground, there isn’t a whole lot of new games shipping at the moment with companies clutching hold of the good stuff in preparation of this summers big conventions. However a couple of gems have been teased so we’re make of them what we can. Gale Force 9 […]