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Osprey Announce Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

by Mike Bon March 12, 2019
A couple of years ago Rebellion Publishing announced that they were offering their entire catalog of characters up for IP licensing both in Video Games, Movies and RPG’s/Board Games. Dredd and the whole 2000ad line has up to now had a minimal showing on our hobby tabletops aside from a handful of titles published in […]

2000AD Character Meeples

by Mike Bon February 23, 2017
2000AD the “Galaxy’s Greatest Comic” turns 40 this year. During this genre-defining run, it’s been influential in not just changing the face of British comics but across the world. Numerous superstar writers and artists took their first faltering steps under the stern but steady hand of Tharg going on to produce the definitive works on […]

Judge Dredd The Board Game

by Mike Bon October 6, 2016
WDR Bronze
Judge Dredd is one of my earliest hobby game purchases from way back in 1982, it was the golden age of Games Workshop in the UK they had a blockbusting run of stone cold classics during that decade. There was Dungeon Quest, Rogue Trooper, Talisman, Chainsaw Warrior, Cosmic Encounter, Fury of Dracula, Warrior Knights and […]