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She’s back and we came along for the nice cake.

by Mike Bon October 9, 2015
Just a quick pointer, to point you in the direction of Millie from Geek On Radio’s latest podcast episode which features my good self and Mr Nate Brett from Board Game Hour. We discuss a bit of Essen and generally ramble on. If Geek On isn’t on your Radar than here’s your chance to hop […]

Who Dares Rolls Express 01

by Mike Bon July 24, 2015
  Now here’s a thing, as long time followers of the site will know our podcast release schedule is at best sporadic. There is a glimmer of light, a more rigid monthly release schedule is coming but for the time being I present the next best thing. Drum roll please, the Who Dares Rolls Express […]

After this, nothing will ever be the same.

by Mike Bon May 23, 2015
It’s going to be “Different” Breaking news… If you thought that Asmodee absorbing large companies such as Fantasy Flight and Days of Wonder with the ferocity of a Hungry Hungry Hippo was a massive, nay huge thing in the board gaming world, well you where probably right. But this announcement right now, the thing that you are reading, […]