After Us Review

by Mike Bon September 9, 2023
Mike reviews the game of post-apocalyptic monkey tribe engine-building

WDR Vienna Connection Review

by Mike Bon September 10, 2021
Mike gets embroiled in some cold war spy shenanigans with Portals Vienna Connection. No martini’s here.

Die of the Dead Review

by Mike Bon July 22, 2021
Mike gets excited about V8 Games Die of the Dead.   It’s the Day of the Dead and players take the roles of friendly spirits guiding souls from the world of the dead, to the land of the living.  The first player to guide souls up the 9 levels back to the land of the […]

Mandala Stones Review

by Mike Bon July 22, 2021
Mike takes a look at Mandala Stones from Board & Dice.   Mandala Stones is a game of tranquillity and beauty! Arrange colourful stones to create a stunning work of art together with your friends.   So completely up Mike’s alley, but come take a look at its gorgeous components and check out whether this […]

WDR TV – Escape The Dark Sector Review

by Mike Bon October 5, 2020
WDR Silver
Mike takes a look at Escape the Dark Sector from Themeborne Games. Following their success with Escape The Dark Castle now we’re trapped in the depths of space in this nostalgic nod to the choose your own adventure games of the ’80s. With plenty of dice and a sheen of retro-cool it’s time to find […]

WDR TV – Shadows of Kilforth Review

by Mike Bon August 21, 2020
WDR Bronze
Loving myself some good old rollicking fantasy adventures the opportunity for a bit of wander in a new world beset with shadows and orrible beasties was just too much of a temptation to avoid. Shadows of Kilforth is the sequel and stand-alone expansion to Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game. It is a game of high […]

Solar Storm WDR TV Review

by Mike Bon June 15, 2020
WDR Bronze
Mike takes a look at Solar Storm from Dranda Games. In this tiny one could almost say epic sized box is a surprising amount of game. Play as the beleaguered crew of a star ship as you fight to regain control and stop it plummeting into a star in this cooperative nail biter. Nab yourself […]

Tinderblox & Kitten Kickstarter Review

by Mike Bon February 6, 2020
WDR Silver
Mike takes a look at the two new titles from Alley Cat Games Tinderblox & Kittin. Now funding on Kickstarter.  

Terraforming Mars Who dares Rolls TV expansion review omnibus

by Mike Bon December 18, 2019
Following hot on the heels of our return to Terraforming Mars we promised a follow up video compiling our opinions on all of expansions for that game, so without further mucking about and pondering following is our breakdown of all the expansions, how they work and whether we think you need to own them. Lovely, […]

Terraforming Mars Who Dares Rolls TV – Review

by Mike Bon December 18, 2019
WDR Gold Essential
Some time ago we reviewed Terraforming Mars and promised to look at all the released expansions for the game. Well as we pretty much have all of them now out and available it was a great opportunity to revisit the base game and update our opinions (a bit) with a video review of the game. […]