Who Dares Rolls 48 – Lifeform interview with designer Mark Chaplin

by Mike Bon April 19, 2018
Oooh look at us putting out another podcast episode in the same month! Recently I had the enormous pleasure of sitting down with designer Mark Chaplin to discuss his board game love letter to Alien and 80’s sci-fi horror films Lifeform. We talk about the many influences that helped shape the game the rather exciting […]

Who Dares Rolls – Pod-Interview – Charles Beauvais – Chroma Cubes

by Mike Bon October 24, 2014
Howdy, Here’s an interview I conducted last week with Mr Charles Beauvais the designer of the rather excellent Chroma Cubes. It’s an excellant little game of coloring and tactical decisions, there really isn’t anything else like it out there at the moment. I strongly urge you to go and back Chroma Cubes from 5th Street […]

Who Dares Rolls – Podinterview 2 – Martin Vaux – Lords of War

by Mike Bon September 15, 2014
Greetings again you lucky souls. Here’s an interview I conducted recently with that most amiable of chaps Martin Vaux from Black Box Games, he’s one part of the symbiotic design team creature behind the hugely successful Lords of War series (the other head belonging to Nick Street). We had a chance to cover the origins […]

The Who Dares Rolls PodInterview 1 – Phillip duBarry and Skyway Robbery

by Mike Bon September 9, 2014
Greetings all, Here’s a new regular feature that I want to start to roll out, a series of interviews with designers and other cool and key people in this marvelous world of tabletop gaming. We’ve been conducting these already but they’ve been embedded among the podcast’s and they are protracting them to epic length and […]