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The UK Games EXPO Banquet of Delights

by Mike Bon May 26, 2015
Its Tuesday 26 June 2015 and in just three short days our quaint little shores biggest gaming event is set to take place, i’m talking about the UK Games Expo! Its no underestimate to say that this year is set to be its biggest ever, and if you are not yet suitable ecstatic at the […]

Frankenstein’s Bodies Interview UK Games Expo 2014

by Mike Bon June 3, 2014
Phew, what a brilliant and manic weekend. This is the first of the interviews I recorded at the recent UK Games Expo and it was with the very amiable Mr Andrew Harman, the designer of the fantastic Frankenstein’s Bodies. The game went down a storm over the weekend and I managed to gatecrash a game […]

Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.

by Mike Bon September 21, 2013
Lots of exciting developments over here in the Who Dares Rolls camp, not only have we now joined and become a proud member of the prestigious UK Gaming Media Network a happening place for the gaming community of these fair shores but also your humble host is now sharing his love for board games out into […]