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Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 30 – Time Stories

by Mike Bon February 24, 2016
With the podcast crews numbers decimated by Births, confusion and assorted plagues. Mike and Robbie careen onwards into a discussion on Time Stories. Part role playing game with a dash of choose your own adventure the boys attempt to take a peek up its flux capacitor without having a nasty paradox. Also discussed is Mike’s […]

Who Dares Rolls Podcast 28 “A Very Grumpy Christmas”

by Mike Bon December 14, 2015
It being the season of goodwill and all that nonsense. We have gathered together the finest curmudgeons that the Board Game industry has to offer for an alternative take on this most jolly of seasons. So settle yourself down for our “Very Grumpy Christmas” episode of the Who Dares Rolls Podcast. Mark Rivera designer of […]

Who Dares News 14 April 2015

by Mike Bon April 14, 2015
Greetings Greg’s one and all and any lurkers, malcontents or confused spam bots I tip my hat to you. Well its another week and news is spurting fourth like an overripe boil spilling its goopy goodness all over the bathroom mirror of our hobby… Sorry. Moving on swiftly. So lets start the ball rolling with […]