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by Mike Bon August 9, 2016
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Scythe was massively hyped even before hitting Kickstarter and unsurprisingly proceeded to smash through its initial funding goal in a matter of hours, going on to be really rather popular. Little has subsequently diminished the frenzy of hyperbole leading up to its release. It’s the cardboard equivalent of a summer blockbuster. Scythe represents Jamey Stegmaier’s […]

Initial Thoughts on Scythe

by Ben Hendyon August 4, 2016
Ben, dropped me this piece as his first reaction to what has to be one of the most highly anticipated tabletop releases ever. Like Ben I’m still letting my final opinions percolate some more before it gets a final review, however inspired by his musings I’ve added some of my own, so think of this […]

Who Dares Rolls Podcast – The One With Jamey Stegmaier in it.

by Mike Bon October 13, 2015
To celebrate the launch of Stonemaier Games Scythe on Kickstarter here’s an audio treat for you all. The king of board game Kickstarter’s and all round good egg Mr Jamey Stegmaier gathered in our secret bunker for a no holds barred interview. In this thrilling installment we cover the development of Scythe his brand new Euro, […]

She’s back and we came along for the nice cake.

by Mike Bon October 9, 2015
Just a quick pointer, to point you in the direction of Millie from Geek On Radio’s latest podcast episode which features my good self and Mr Nate Brett from Board Game Hour. We discuss a bit of Essen and generally ramble on. If Geek On isn’t on your Radar than here’s your chance to hop […]

Viticulture & Tuscany Expansion

by Ben Hendyon September 4, 2015
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Have you ever dreamt of giving it all up, jacking it all in, saying goodbye to the sweat and the grind and staring a new life? Perhaps you want to open a B&B on the French Riviera? Or maybe, given the recent changes to the law in several US states, you fancy growing your own […]