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Our Top 10 Halloween Games

by Mike Bon November 2, 2019
Happy Halloween!! We love a good scary movie here at Who Dares Rolls, so why not join our resident crypt keeper Mike and indulge yourselves with this video nasty that we have for you. And yes due to the usual slap dash preparation this is late. But well we don’t care OK!

Can board games scare you?

by Mike Bon October 31, 2018
Halloween is my favourite time of year it’s like Christmas for us horror nuts. Inevitably the assortment of TV and movies rolled out to honour this grimly fun holiday are as disappointing as a wet fart in a pair of white undercrackers. Yet despite this every October there’s always a tantalising bit of excitement hoping […]


by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon November 2, 2015
A game of looming horror, by Ephidiah Ravachol and woodelf. Review by Charlie Etheridge-Nunn Horror movies are tricky beasts to replicate in games. Zombies!!! replicates the look of horror by turning a zombie apocalypse into an arcade game. Dead of Winter presents interesting moral dilemmas but we all turn into cold sociopaths when it’s only […]

Dead of Winter “Charlie Takes A Bite”

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon October 27, 2015
WDR Gold Essential
DEAD OF WINTER A game of surviving an icy, zombie-filled apocalypse for 2-5 players by Plaid Hat Games, review by Charles Etheridge-Nunn   It’s the middle of winter and you’re alone in an abandoned school, scavenging for supplies. It’s bitterly cold but you made it out this far. Your eyes catch on something metallic, barely […]

The Who Scares Rolls Podcast Episode 27 “The Halloween Special”

by Mike Bon October 26, 2015
Mwa Ha Ha Haaa. Welcome you worthless cardboard obsessed worms to the spooktacular Halloween special episode of the Who Scares Rolls Podcast. In this frightfully gruesome edition we disgust Horror games and if the tabletop can effectively pull off midnight chills. The ghouls discuss what they’ve been playing. And we take a ride in the […]


by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon October 19, 2015
A zombie survival roleplaying game for 4-7 players by John Wick This is the diary of Mahmoud. I’ve been visiting my family living in London and am travelling home to Brighton where I work as a taxi driver. I’ve got another day of vacation before I start my shift. I am a fast survivor.   […]