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Two Rooms and a Boom (or how I learned to stop waiting and played another party game)

by Mike Bon August 26, 2015
So cast your mind back a couple of years, Love Letter hits the party/micro game scene like a disco inferno and is still punching its weight today. Two Rooms was also something of a party darling riding high on a Golden Geek best PNP nomination itself bringing a high concept elevator pitch dream come true […]

Forbidden Desert

by Mike Bon May 3, 2015
WDR Silver
Matt Leacock designer of Pandemic, Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert seems like a nice enough chap, I can only assume he was picked on as a child, maybe he always lost those family games of Monopoly. The reason for this? Well take a look at his board game output it resembles a 70’s disaster movie […]