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Repel Boarders

by on August 3, 2016
Pausing a moment from our irregularly scheduled nonsense i’d like to introduce our most recent Who Dares Roll’s family member Adam from the Prepare for Boarding blog. Here’s been industriously plugging away on his own site regarding all things card board but has graciously agreed been blackmailed into throwing us the occasional content bone.So without any further of the pomp and circumstance you’ve come to endure here I’ll let him introduce himself far more eloquently then i’ll ever manage.
Mike B

A few days ago while minding my own business, a message arrived via my Google Hangouts. This in itself was not that much of a surprise (contrary to popular belief, I do have some friends), but the contents were. The message came from one Mr. Benjamin Hendy, a name that I am certain is familiar to you lovely readers of this site, and it was asking if I would be interested in contributing to it.
My name is Adam Whittaker, and I am the individual responsible for inflicting the Prepare for Boarding blog upon the wider world. Ben and Mike had been kind enough to cast a discerning eye across a few of my articles and asked if I wouldn’t mind bringing my unique blend of waffle and nonsense to the Who Dares Rolls pages. Being a reader of these pages and listener to the podcast, I had little hesitation in agreeing to do so.
My gaming background started almost 25 years ago, as a kid growing up in Scotland (originally born in the Lake District, but being a Navy brat you end up living almost anywhere) when I got a copy of Heroquest for my birthday. The first post on my blog was about this game so I won’t go into it that much, but it was very much the gateway to a wider world.

From there I took the plunge into the world of Games Workshop products (yes – I still play miniature war games), various RPGs and had a major Magic: The Gathering collecting habit at one point. And throughout that time I have continued to play board games.

I am now comfortably settled into my rut in Southampton, slowly amassing a collection of games that is literally causing my dining room shelves to groan under their weight. Having a family now means that a lot of the games tend to be child-friendly, although there are ones that are played with my more hardcore gaming group (and Cards Against Humanity for our gatherings with adult beverages).
Prepare For Boarding was started at the end of last year, after a chat with my wife about why we as a family enjoyed playing games together. It made me actually think about the games I owned and their themes and what about them that engaged me. Furthermore, it drove me to ponder those games I disliked and why that was. And then in a display of outrageous ego, I assumed other people may actually care about my opinions. So Prepare for Boarding was born – hoping to prompt a conversation with people about gaming mechanics, themes and the products themselves. Belonging to the same Google Hangouts as Ben and Charlie from WDR, I shared my posts there, which I guess has led me to this point.
My articles tend to be opinion pieces about the products or parts of the industry that interest me. However, I am not going to restrict myself, and you’ll probably expect the similar sorts of rambling that you’d find on my blog. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on anything and I hope that you find some value buried somewhere in here. I am very much looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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