The Parkers Play Camel Up

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon June 22, 2017
Aside from all that board gaming and RPG shenanigans Charlie has also found time to author a series of short stories and a book all about a dysfunctional bunch of super heroes trying to find their place on earth. Think of it as Buffy meets X-Men with a side order of Scott Pilgrim. Anyway he […]

From the ashes. Resurrecting Fire Knight

by Mike Bon August 30, 2016
I have this issue, occasionally, well heck I’m just going to toot on my own trumpet. Often I can be so far ahead of the curve as to be teetering on genius. I did warn I was going to be blowing smoke up my own butt. This savant-like ability often materializes in ideas for projects; […]

Chapter 1

by Mike Bon August 30, 2016
Jeb Jeb set off for the cave as the first stirrings of dawn lit the eastern sky. Any other morning the village would already have been alive with the sounds of farmhands travelling up to the high meadows, but today they slumbered recovering from the night’s festivities. He dressed quickly favouring a light, loose fitting […]


by Mike Bon August 30, 2016
  The Knights Creed   As Knight appointed by the Imperium. This is my creed. This is my Quest. To defend and uphold the pure innocent and helpless. To be a beacon of light shining as an example of all that is great and inspirational within mankind. I wield honour and might for the Imperium. […]