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Who Dares News – Monday 2nd March

by on March 2, 2015

Rejoice! Rio Grande games have finally announced the long awaited and for some time presumed dead expansion to Arctic Scavengers, Arctic Scavengers-Recon. The game and its expansion have had a bit of a journey to reach us, I covered a snippet of that history back in April last year HERE. It seemed the game was consigned to oblivion and then Shut Up & Sit Down posted a favorable review of it and overnight it sold out. Well off the back of that little event we are set to finally get the long gestating Recon expansion.

This will include more equipment for the base game, more tribal leaders and a new feature that will allow you to sneak peeks at many of the hidden decks, which considering this game is all about the secrecy, could be a very powerful ability. The base game is now tricky/expensive to track down, but Rio Grande have confirmed that they will be releasing both the standalone expansion and a bumper box including everything for those who missed out on grabbing it. This is expected to hit Kickstarter the early part of this year and we can’t wait.

1421161389Speaking of Kickstarter. 3.. 2… 1… Thunderbirds are go!  This new co-op designed by Matt Leacock and based on the much beloved Gerry Anderson series has been doing rather well. I’m torn as it’s starting to look like a solid package but the highest tier to get all the expansions and assorted goodness puts it in the £80 bracket and I’m just not sure I’m that keen to jump onto this. The rule’s whilst in flux do seem pretty solid and its received a favorable run-through and review by Radho and the project  is slowly amassing lots of mini’s with it, its just £80..



At the far more reasonable end of the spectrum is Sandcastles from YAY games. We reviewed it HERE. This is simple but fun little game of building the biggest and best sandcastles whilst doing you damnedest to destroy everyone else’s. I’ve had a lot of fun playing this one, it has a very broad appeal and a unique and fun theme. If your looking for something to take down the pub for an evening or indeed on Holiday then this comes highly recommended and for less than the price of a Pizza its a steal.



Tabletop_Day_kmmb9sInternational Tabletop Day 2015

April 11th is this years International Tabletop Day. Now in its third year this is a great opportunity to get to an event and meet fellow gamer’s and try out some games you might not have played. Keep an eye on the site as it lists all the events that have been planned for the day and see if there is something happening locally.

headerAnd as we are talking about gaming events to scribble in your calendars don’t forget that The UK Games EXPO 2015 is happening the weekend 29th – 31st May in Birmingham. This was a fantastic event last year and I can’t wait to attend again this time. If you can I strongly suggest that you get yourself to this one, you won’t be disappointed.

Shield black backgroundAs for us, we have another article/review from Charlie about his adventures in The Deep Forest coming over the next day or so, if you’ve not been reading Charlies stuff than I strongly urge you to take a peek in our RPG section were you will find plenty of nuggets to digest. And I promise to get the Imperial Assault review from me up. Plus who knows what other exciting events could happen over the coming week, be assured if we catch wind of something we’re waft it your way.





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