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So the end is near…

by Mike Bon December 25, 2015
Yep old 2015 is already tearing down the tinsel and wrapping up warm for the January sales, coz you know, more games are always needed. It’s been a wild ride, Season 2 of Who Dares Rolls has been a blast and while personally I haven’t gotten everything I wanted to be done this year we’ve […]

Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 19 – XCOM

by Mike Bon April 17, 2015
Its episode 19 of the Who Dares Rolls podcast and in this scintillating batch of nonsense Mike B,Robbie,Ben & Charlie discuss XCOM Fantasy Flights new App assisted game of global panic based on the popular license. Are apps in games a good thing? Is XCOM a big meany that wants to ruin everyone’s fun? and […]