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Two Rooms and a Boom (or how I learned to stop waiting and played another party game)

by Mike Bon August 26, 2015
So cast your mind back a couple of years, Love Letter hits the party/micro game scene like a disco inferno and is still punching its weight today. Two Rooms was also something of a party darling riding high on a Golden Geek best PNP nomination itself bringing a high concept elevator pitch dream come true […]

Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 18 – Kickstarter

by Mike Bon March 26, 2015
In a change to our normal programming the WDR guys discuss Kickstarter. Its strengths, its failings and projects past and present that have been of interest or infamous. We are joined by two special guests new boy on the WDR block Mr Charlie Etheridge-Nunn and eventually by Mr Board Game Hour himself, the Minister of […]