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Who Dares Rolls Express 04 – Ghostel

by Mike Bon February 16, 2016
The Who Dares Rolls Express podcast a nutritious and compact nibble of audio delight. In this frightfully amusing episode I take a moment to chat with Bevan Clatworthy (say that three times fast) designer of Ghostel the game of dice chucking and haunted hotels funding on Kickstarter now. We cover the journey it took to […]

Ghostel – Kickstarter Preview

by Mike Bon January 9, 2016
WDR Silver
Did you ever sit and ponder, where did those cheeky ghost chappies from Pac-Man get too? Well, now we know. Tired of being Waka Waka Waka’d by that greedy yellow hockey puck they packed up their sheets and moved to Creepstone Manor to start henchghosting for some Tony Soprano type Don ghost called Spookie. Ghostel […]