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Vadoran Gardens

by Mike Bon October 5, 2019
WDR Essential
Mike reviews Vadoran Gardens from designer Frank West. A tile laying game of tending your garden and looking after cute critters with a fiendishly surprising amount of puzzling to get your head around. Grab yourself a copy direct from the publisher Right Here And if you fancy a look at City of Kings and our […]

The City of Kings

by Mike Bon April 17, 2018
WDR Gold Essential
Around a year ago I published this very review that you will find below for The City of Kings, it blew me away on my first encounter and went on to do rather well for itself. Well I’m resurrecting my initial thoughts as the reprint for the game plus some new content including more quests, […]

Who Dares Rolls Podcast 41 – The City of Kings

by Mike Bon April 14, 2017
Hello, and in this change to regular programming I talk to Frank West designer of the rather marvellous The City of Kings. We discuss the game and some of the interesting design choices made to bring it realisation, we also dive into what the future might hold for this very cool game. So dive in […]