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Who Dares News – Friday 20th March

by Mike Bon March 20, 2015
A solar eclipse is happening today, about now. Across the UK legions of school children have been working furiously on pinhole cameras so as to watch this dazzling intergalactic event without fear of burning a hole through the backs of their heads. Simultaneously  groups of strange bearded gentlemen have thronged to Stonehenge garbed in tea-towels […]

Star Wars Imperial Assault

by Mike Bon March 5, 2015
WDR Gold Essential
Dum, de duh doo, dah doo dada dee da! Ah yes even now when I hear those masterful notes from John Williams epic Star Wars scores I get all a quiver. Its a vast universe ripe with possibility and adventure which disappointingly many of the board and card games licensed from the films have been […]

And Here we go again! Yippee!

by Mike Bon January 6, 2015
So we’ve packed 2014 away neatly back into its box, checked under the table for any missing components and bagged all its meeples, and slid it with satisfied contentment away onto the shelf. Lets take a breath because personally the last couple of months have been a bit of a blur, I’m in the unenviable […]