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by Mike Bon May 6, 2016
WDR Bronze
Whoops, we’ve done an apocalypse. But in a surprising turn of events rather than cockroaches or unkillable robotic endoskeletons crawling from the ashes, it’s the sheep who will inherit the earth. Shephy is a solitaire game of flock building in the post-apocalypse, with nary a Border Collie in sight and the final “Come-Bye” uttered some […]

Chainsaw Warrior

by Mike Bon July 3, 2014
WDR Bronze
Travel back in time my friends to the 1980’s. The golden age of action horror movies, muscle-bound heroes and bad hair (all three are in fine form in They Live). Released in 1987 by Games Workshop Chainsaw Warrior was an instant no-brainer. Essentially this is a John Carpenter movie in a box, minus Kurt Russel. […]