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Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

by Mike Bon August 5, 2015
WDR Essential
The duelling card game arena is sodden with choices. There is the behemoth Magic system with its thousands of cards and ferocious tournament play, an intimidating prospect for new players. Netrunner has its riveting asynchronous matches marred by a ridiculously steep learning curve enough to send a casual observer into spasms and investing into it […]

Farewell 2013 Hello 2014

by Mike Bon December 26, 2013
I hope you all have been enjoying a restful and fun break spent playing lots of games with your nearest and dearest. And now in these last few days left to this year lets stretch out on the sofa to pick over the turkey carcass of 2013, whilst sorting through the tin of Quality Street […]

SeaFall A Legacy Game

by Mike Bon September 24, 2013
Plaid Hat Games (Summoner Wars, Mice & Mystics) have just announced the official title of the next game by Rob Daviau, SeaFall. Rob was the designer behind Risk Legacy which introduced in my opinion one of the greatest additions to board games in years, the Legacy system. You can read my review of Risk legacy […]